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Reproducing the sound of ELO is a tough task. Just ask any musician.

This band has the goods.

Dennis Schocket's  voice (guitars and lead vocals)  is directly influenced by Jeff Lynne. "I think Jeff is quite possibly the greatest, most under rated pop vocalist ever." Gregg Simmons (lead guitar and lead vocals) is known for his great fret work but it's his incredible falsetto that gets him noticed here. Gregg says "You can't make ELO music without the high notes!" He's right of course. Veteran keyboardist, John Kelly (keys, guitar and vocals)  takes on the multiple roles of piano and strings with effortless grace and skill. John says "This music is just so beautifully crafted." Violinist Greta Thomas  brings her classically trained excellence to every song. Multi instrumentalist Bronson Wagner (bass, keys and lead vocals) has the difficult task of reproducing that epic ELO bass rumble, but does so with a style and flair that would make Kelly Groucutt smile. Anchoring all this is drummer Phil Brotman, doing his best Bev Bevan impersonation. "I love this music. Especially the Wilburys stuff. It's just so full of joy."

It's true what they've said about  ATOMIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA:

They sound just like the record.

Catch them whenever the spaceship lands near your town.

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